House Member Taylor believes more than public should pay for UK Bail-out loan

Providenciales, 02 Mar 2016 – While the UK debt is paid off and this is arguably a good thing, former Chief Minister and at large member Hon Derek Taylor questioned the burden of the cost of the loan; not only in terms of dollars and cents but in losses of national infrastructure.

“Mr. Speaker, While the grass grows, the horse starves. The country has deteriorated especially the country’s capital.”

Taylor said still the public must pay for high legal costs and have lost entities like the dismantled TC Invest.

“What has happened in terms of what has been paid out for former members of this Honourable House, when I last checked we had already paid out over $5 million dollars in defense of former members of this Honorable House. Irresponsible!”

Hon Taylor was speaking during House of Assembly debate yesterday; it was his two minute contribution.

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