Residents Call For Referendum

Providenciales, 09 Sept 2015 – The decision lies in the hands of Turks and Caicos Islanders is what Premier Hon. Rufus Ewing told audience at the public press conference in Providenciales.

One after the other there were representations from residents who questioned the essence of TCI’s relationship with the UK. Residents saying that there is “no democracy,” others supporting a referendum as they shared their frustration regarding TCI’s link to the British. It was their response to the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices’ decision to reject constitutional recommendations.

Premier Hon. Rufus Ewing said, “If we really want something to happen if we truly believe that what is being done to us that we’ve been taken advantage of the only way we can fix it is through a referendum.”

The Premier said “its up to the citizens of this country to decide what they want to do”.

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