Gun Violence, Monday Murder

imageProvidenciales, 28 Sept 2015 – GUN VIOLENCE, MONDAY MURDER as Police are right now investigating an apparent killing in Dock Yard, according to Press Officer, Audley Astwood.

Just as the Deputy Governor points out that the country has doubled last year’s murder count already, the TCI records yet another killing. This will be seven murders for 2015.

Anya Williams was speaking at Thursday’s Youth Forum.

The body was found, reportedly with gun shot wound.

Early reports are the man is originally from Grand Turk, in his mid to late 20s and once worked as a member of the fire department.

Nickname is reportedly, ‘Bally’.

Raymond Taylor is the young man found gunned down in Dock Yard, Kew Town Providenciales this morning.

He is the son of Pastor Dale Taylor.

This is the second Pastor this year to lose a son to senseless gun violence.

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