Planned demolition in Kew Town makes way for vacant lot sales


IMG_4626Providenciales, 16 Oct 2015 – A new housing development is coming for the Kew Town area of Providenciales and to make way for the development, there was a demolition which saw home structures knocked down.

Albert Grant, who owns that land had given the tenants eleven-months advanced notice to vacate the property in Dock Yard area and the opportunity to be first to buy a plot of their own for construction.

Magnetic Media is told that while residents were sad to see their homes bowled over leveled, they were calm and understanding. As many as 30 plots will be carved out in the spot and put up for sale; the area will also feature a paved roadway.

It was hard to determine, up to news production time, how many people the demolition had affected but it was said 20 homes were demolished and that the residents were either PRC holders or Belongers.

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