Many mourning death of Quant – husband, father, uncle, friend

Providenciales, 31 Dec 2015 – Condolences continue to pour in on social media as people express sympathy to the family of Doric Quant Sr., who on Monday died in a two car collision on Long Bay Road.

One person hailed Mr. Quant, who is a husband, father and contractor by profession, as a mentor. I quote the relative who posted this, “I’m crying inside; he was one of my best friends and a very special person. To me, he made me the man I am today. All the fishing trips, the long talks; he made me work for what I wanted and showed me the true values of being a man.”

This nephew said he is sorry that he never got to say goodbye to his Uncle D.

Another family friend wrote this to Magnetic Media in sorrow for the family’s loss and in consideration of what matters most, “Let’s stay sensitive to how we spend our time, where we spend our time and with whom we spend our time.”

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