The Best the Turks and Caicos Economy has done in Years

Providenciales, 17 Nov 2014 – The best the Turks and Caicos economy has done in years… with the highest cash flow in years and every reason to feel confident that there can be the tax breaks and tax restructuring the PNP Administration had promised. Back to back, Minister of Finance Washington Missick and Premier Rufus Ewing in the House of Assembly beating their chests due to the impressive performance for government revenue.

The tone was one of triumph for the two leaders who had taken a beating when they tried to introduce the Payroll Tax… Hon Dr. Rufus Ewing still saying, imagine how much better the report would have been if the payroll tax was passed and implemented. Minister of Finance Misick shared that while there is lots of good news for a healthy economy, which has taken country debt to around $107 million dollars… the spending of government money has been not so good; this he said is due to the lackluster interest in company’s biting on the line of submitting tenders.

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