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Bahamians applaud MPs for standing up for constituents

#Bahamas, September 28, 2017 – Nassau – Bahamians are speaking out vociferously against bringing the Dominican people to The Bahamas despite how badly Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation.   Residents say the Government should find another way to help the country out of its crisis, but housing the people within The Bahamas is not that way.

Kudos rang out on FaceBook for the stance taken in the House of Assembly on Wednesday by Frederick McAlpine an FNM Member of Parliament, hailing from the Pineridge Constituency; Hon McAlpine stood in opposition to the idea by his own party leader and it is being hailed as stellar.

“Grand Bahama put him in, let him work for the people… Freeport has been the bottom feeder for such a long time,” said Samantha.

Cherlyn said, ‘way to go get them Honourable member for Pineridge.  Fight for your people rights.”  Patrelle said, “What’s happening to Minnis?  He still hasn’t provided the jobs he has promised, and other things for the citizens here in The Bahamas!”  and Ann said, “God didn’t call his people to be jellyback or foolish, we must use wisdom in every area of life…”

It was after a meeting with PM of #Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit that Prime Minister Minnis announced that The Bahamas would take on students from Dominica displaced by the storm which hit that country a week ago Monday.


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