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Fortis updates, bolsters restoration team by 120 workers

#TurksandCaicos, September 28, 2017 – Providenciales – FortisTCI yesterday announced that 120 more workers will be added to its team to complete the work of restoring electricity to islanders who lost power during Hurricane Irma.   Sixty engineers from the Cayman Islands and Canada returned to Provo on Saturday, 60 will be hired locally and Fortis says damage was minimal due to Hurricane Maria, which hit the country on Thursday and Friday of last week.

#FortisTCI CEO, Eddinton Powell said the goal, following Maria, was to resume restoration very quickly and he admitted in that media statement that full recovery will take some time.    Powell said, ‘it is important that we repair and rebuild the system fast, and it is equally important that we repair and rebuild the system to be strong and resilient.”

Dozens of new poles were erected along Millennium Highway and on front road in Blue Hills and Wheeland in recent days, the area was one of those hardest hit by Hurricane Irma in early September.


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