Cruise Ship suspected of Norovirus due to dock in Grand Turk

Providenciales, 11 Mar 2016 – It is very possible that when the Carnival Sunshine docks today at the Grand Turk Cruise Center, passengers and crew will not be allowed to disembark because the vessel may be infested with Norovirus.

Late last night, Magnetic Media got word that the cruise ship was recently with 178 passengers confirmed with the gastrointestinal bug.

That equated to over 5% of the passengers and crew, numbered at 3,001 people. By law, the ship has to declare any health concerns and if Turks and Caicos inspectors discover that more than 2% of the ship’s guests are with Norovirus, then they have the right to deny disembarkation.

Not only would this sully the vacation experience of the passengers, but it would serve a crucial blow to the economy of Grand Turk; but as one reported to us, better to be healthy than sorry.

It was on Saturday March 5, at Port Canaveral in Florida that CDC investigators boarded the boat to ensure it was safe again to sail.

Unless there has been a change in the cruise vessel used, the Carnival Sunshine is set to be in GT from 8am to 4pm, according to the schedule.

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