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Turks and Caicos to be affected by closed sea ports in Florida

Port of Palm Beach

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – September 2, 2019 –

Ports along the Florida coast will shut down ahead of monster Hurricane Dorian, this includes Port Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, Jaxport, Port of Palm Beach and Port of Tampa Bay.

Winds of the hurricane are expected to decrease to 155 mph by Thursday when the hurricane is expected to collide with the Florida coast, but at category four strength there exists real potential for danger.

The closure of the ports in Florida will impact Turks and Caicos; but it is unclear how extensively.

“Ports closing will impact any arrival dates as we normally receive a Friday ship. While waiting for news of when they can sail, we will start flying in product. Hopefully the ports will remain intact and be able to get out soon as the storm passes. As everything at this point It is wait and see,” said Ken Burns, Managing Director of Graceway Supermarkets.

Currently 86 percent of imports to the TCI are from the United States and the main gateway into the Turks and Caicos is via Tropical Shipping and Seacor; both have posted at their websites that they will be closed on Tuesday due to Hurricane Dorian.

A comment from owner of Cairsea, a 20-plus year-old freight company operating in the Turks and Caicos pointed to a precarious position for ports.  We asked Rodney Thompson, owner, how any closure, including a prolonged one would affect Turks and Caicos. 

“Big impact but full extent unknown until storm track plays out …at the moment it’s wait and see.  By all indications, air ops will be back to normal via MIA on Wed (4 Sep).”

Carl Simmons, CEO of CargoExplress/Tropical Shipping in the TCI pointed us to the Tropical Shipping website which said: “The Port of Palm Beach will be closed on Tuesday, however our Customer Service department will be available to answer questions and to create bookings via the telephone 1-800-638-8761, 1- 561-881-3999 and The Miami office and warehouse facilities will be open and available on Tuesday.”

Tropical also explained: “Tuesdays sailings from the Port of Palm Beach have been canceled.  Nassau, Freeport and Marsh Harbour are still closed due to Hurricane Dorian. We will advise when the offices have returned to normal operations.”

Seacor, located in Miami simply informed:  Seacor Island Lines will be closed Tuesday September 3, 2019.

Over 20-year shipping company in the TCI, Cairsea said the effect of the hurricane will

It is reported by the New York Times that 580 flights and 42 cruises were today, cancelled due to the encroaching, menacing Hurricane Dorian.

South Dock, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

‘Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) closed at noon on Monday while Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) and Orlando International Airport (MCO) will close at 6 p.m. More than 200 flights were canceled into and out of Orlando International Airport, and another 160 were canceled into and out of Fort Lauderdale.’ 

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