Premier out of touch, Five Cays Member cries shame on Health Minister

IMG_0646Providenciales, 06 Nov 2015 – The Member of Parliament for Five Cays is crying shame on the Premier and Minister of Health for only now coming to pump standing water left behind by Hurricane Joaquin out of the community.

Hon Sean Astwood firmly stated in a media release that: “I find the recent move by the Premier to show up in Five Cays in a full suit to pump month old waters from alongside the road to be nothing more than a childish political stunt and he deserves to be called out.”

Some residents told the Premier the same on Thursday morning in a heated confrontation and after suffering an inundation of mosquitoes, lack of access due to the flood waters and all of it, said Astwood, threatened public health.

The Health Minister also called it a threat to public health and on Tuesday showed up in Five Cays to personally see to it that the water was removed; Hon Dr Rufus Ewing said his ministry bypassed some government policy to get the work done.

Much of the water was pumped out on that same day.

The Five Cays MP said he and residents had been calling for this action for weeks and described the sluggish response to that request for help another example of how the country has suffered under Rufus Ewing’s leadership.

The Five Cays member charged the Premier with being late, out of touch and just catching up.

“We are left to wonder why is it that the Premier would rest knowing that our people are suffering and do nothing to help when he can. Shame on you Mr. Premier. The people truly see who you are.”

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