PDM calls on government to prioritize Job Creation

Sharlene RobinsonProvidenciales, 21 Oct 2015 – There is a dire need of jobs and the People’s Democratic Movement Party leader is slamming the PNP Administration for what she believes is a nonchalant attitude to getting residents working.

Hon Sharlene Robinson chides the government for boasting about some $200 million dollars in various bank accounts.

“We continue to hear the cries and can say to you that the creation of a Jobs Policy and the management of jobs will be a top priority for a PDM Government. The attitude of this Government in their “we will get to it, when we get to it” attitude when PDM raise issues that affect our people continues.”

The PDM continues in that media statement issued today, with a plea for the government to change its approach and to stop ignoring what is good for the people.

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