FortisTCI to begin larger scale solar energy trial

Providenciaes, 01 Sept 2015 – A significant milestone was yesterday announced in the move to see renewable energy introduced in the islands as FortisTCI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to run an industrial-sized solar energy test.

The country’s lone electricity provider yesterday announced the deal which CEO Eddinton Powell says will not cost more and will not risk the quality of the power being supplied.

Eddinton Powell, CEO FortisTCI: “The Company is very enthusiastic about the potential of this project and partnering with this potential IPP in the generation of green energy. This project, and soon to be launched renewable energy programs for residential customers, will usher in a new era of green energy in the TCI. We know that this will not happen overnight, and we realize that this is still an expensive proposition. However, the Company believes that renewable sources of energy will play an increasing role in the Country’s energy mix…”

FortisTCI says in the near future, this apparent second phase of an initiative started a year ago with Urban Green Environment Ltd will mean both utility and residential scale solar systems can be supported with the solar systems interconnected to the grid within proposed limits.

For now, wind power is out because of some restraints placed on FortisTCI by the Planning Department; those restraints were not named, but this new MOU with Urban Green Environment Ltd is being hailed as a revolutionary next step.

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