Amazing Science Ideas & Solutions at FortisTCI Science Fair

IMG_5856Providenciales, 03 Mar 2016 – The students of the Turks and Caicos Islands made a major impression on each other and the adults in the community at the 7th Annual National Science Fair sponsored by FortisTCI.

The opportunity for the schools in both primary and high school divisions to delve into the potentials of science in the islands has again spawned brilliant ideas and solutions; beauty products from Neem and Aloe, studies on water which rate safest, give ideas of handling sewerage and alternative energy ideas for power and fire, stunning art from aluminum, hot health recommendations – like eating more peppers as a means of losing weight – edible party supplies made of Jello and a garbage collecting robot were among the concepts on display at the exhibition laid out at the Gus Lightbourne Gym.

Up to news production time, the winners had not yet been named… hundreds were drawn to the gym for the finale of three days dedicated to culture, heritage and science during this Education Week.

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