Sorry state for Blue Hills Jetty & other Government sites


imageProvidenciales, 16 Jan 2015 – There will be no refurbishment of the Blue Hills jetty for this fiscal year; the wooden dock near the Clementina Walkin’ss Children’s Park is in a horrid state of disrepair and was due to be fixed since the 2012-2013 Budget Year. At the time, Opposition members had argued that the allotted amount was insufficient to repair the jetty, which is rapidly falling apart and completely unsafe. “Well the jetty, the jetty in Blue Hills is a jetty that the budgetary allocation was made, it was put out for tender and it is awaiting the tender to be awarded and the works to commence for the jetty in Blue Hills.”

Magnetic Media has learned that the project is not among those on the list for repair within this budget cycle. Once a place guests would hang out and snap photographs of the wonderful bird life along the Blue Hills beach and a spot for children to play; the jetty is visibly broken to pieces, badly splintered and could actually be considered a hazard. We asked the Premier about the dilapidated government owned structures, including his Progressive National Party’s headquarters. “The PNP Headquarters is still in dispute whether or not it is a government building or the PNP Headquarters and we need to ensure that our focus is really on getting it back and keeping it as a PNP Headquarters and I know once it is in our remit, then the necessary repairs or upkeep that needs to be done will be done by the PNP.”

Another area of concern was the outdoors of the Marion Williams SNAP Center for special education children; up to this weekend the schoolyard looked like a jungle. Ten children are registered at the SNAP Center located in Kew Town.

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