Three armed attacks in Provo, all in Blue Hills

Providenciales, 04 Feb 2016 – Someone robbed two tourists while they were bird watching in Wheeland.

A 74 year old man, with his wife were enjoying the bird culture of the TCI when they were approached by a gunman who demanded their stuff – that culprit got away with not only cash, but the couples’ wedding ring. That happened minutes to 5pm on Tuesday… hours later, another gun crime and another couple. This time it was at a residence on Snake Hill and three masked men, one with a gun pointed it at the pair. In this case, they fiends got away with the woman’s handbag and about an hour later, there was a third instance in Provo.

A brother and sister were in the area of Clement Howell High, when three masked men approached them too; one with a gun, with similar description as in the Snake Hill incident, who robbed the 20 year old man and his sister of their cell phones.

All of these armed crimes happened in Blue Hills on Tuesday.

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