Providenciales, 30 Dec 2014 – Airports Authority CEO John Smith said they were going for environmental friendliness and something more efficient with the new design of the Providenciales International Airport. “We do thank individuals at Fortis even though when we introduced LEDs and the electricity dropped significantly, they sent 11 technicians to check it. So, we do thank them and yes we are more environmentally friends, all of the lights are LEDs including the flood lights on the air site.” Even the wood for the curvy exterior and distinctive roof design is eco-sensible; Mr. Smith in the welcome remarks last night at the official opening of the Providenciales International Airport listed the amenities and changes which are touted as ready to handle half a million passengers per year.

“New roadside traffic circulation, New 300 space car park, we used to have 125. We’ve extended the departure lounge with seating capacity for over 700 people comfortably; we’ve expanded the check in area, we welcome you to that it is now some 12,900 square feet, doubling in its size. We’ve done similarly in the Immigration Department, some 8,230 square feet.” Technology is also cutting edge he explained with kiosks which boast universal use… this Smith believes can lure even more airlines to the Provo International because operational costs are reduced. Smith addressed the litany of complaints and opinions which have come in over the year and a half of the project; calling the opinions ‘free consultation’.

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