Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, Thursday October 16th, 2014, INTERHEALTH CANADA Press Release: Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) week is celebrated worldwide and the staff at the Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital is not being left out. The team at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre is celebrating MDR International Week, October 12th to 18th, under the theme “The Team That Gets It Clean”. To commemorate this event, TCI Hospital’s MDR Department hosted a grand exposition in its foyer on Thursday October 16, 2014, attended by the science students of Clement Howell High School. There were presentations, educational interactions by the MDR team, displays, games and prizes for the students.

The Medical Device Reprocessing Department is responsible for processing surgical instruments, supplies and equipment, while providing support to patient-care services that encompass cleaning and decontamination, sterilization, assembly, storage and distribution of all of the surgical instruments needed for patient care. Managing the sterility of these items is of critical importance to ensuring a safe patient outcome following a surgical procedure.

MDR Manager, David Banton, said this annual event provides interactive learning opportunities for students and creatively gives a deeper look into one of the lesser-known careers in the health sector. He added, “It was a pleasure presenting our department to the public, staff and also students of the Clement Howell High School, who were the highlight of the day. This was yet another opportunity for TCI Hospital to show students that there is more to health care than just becoming a nurse or a doctor”.

The week-long event is set to accomplish one important mission: to educate the community about Medical Device Reprocessing and its functions.


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