Providenciales, 26 Sept 2014 – Shockingly and to public dismay, the police up to news production time only issuing a statement in writing on what happened around one this morning at its Chalk Sound station which led to the complete destruction of one of the new police patrol jeeps and at least three other cars …

Magnetic Media and PTV8 were on the scene early this morning, shortly after fire and ambulance crews left and while it was still dark out… the smell of smoke still in the air after the shocking arson attack which also saw the private vehicles of two police officers and an evidence car torched. Photos later this morning reveal that there appeared to be some sort of accelerant used on the hood the vehicles to ignite the fires… when we arrived, there was a clean-up crew and the back door which was also set ablaze in the brazen move, was being replaced. Residents offering opinions including questions on why security at the Chalk Sound police station is not better… poor lighting…

No perimeter fencing… and no security cameras, inside the precinct and out. Seems the police headquarters on old airport road is also without security cameras; one person calling the arson akin to terrorism. Police have made no mention of suspects or leads; the matter is naturally under investigation.

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