PDM Rebuilding following a Devastating Loss at the Polls

#TurksandCaicos, March 1, 2021 – National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Douglas Parnell, released a statement following a crippling loss at the February 19, 2021, general elections that left the Party in the process of rebuilding.

PDM Party leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson resigned soon after. “Her resignation was accepted by the Party’s executives. In the interim, Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Sean Astwood, will fulfil those duties until a new party leader is selected at June’s convention,” said Parnell. “On behalf of our party, I would like to thank Hon. Robinson for her years of dedicated service to our party and country. History will be kind to her as she blazed a bright trail for many others to follow and admire and made us proud, regionally, and internationally,” he continued.

PDM lost to the Progressive National Party (PNP) which acquired 14 out of 15 seats in the House of Assembly. Out of all the Electoral Districts (ED), PDM only won the ED 2 – Grand Turk South & Salt Cay with 414 votes while PNP got 297.

In All Island Districts PNP won by 17,111 votes while PDM received 12,082 votes; cumulatively.

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Edwin Astwood will be joined in the House of Assembly by the Appointed Member, Attorney at Law Mr Alvin Garland.

Parnell thanked PDM’s supporters for their loyalty and support. He added that PDM “is now in the process of rebuilding, which includes diagnosing our loss, modernizing our party’s constitution, and making the necessary changes to ensure we our successful in the next general elections whenever they are held.”

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