Emergency Passports issue to come at JMC in London

Providenciales, 24 Nov 2015 – When Premiers of UK overseas territories gather at the Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London early next month, talk will not only include the financial progresses of the Turks and Caicos and National security but the newly instituted passport process.

In the Turks and Caicos, passports are no longer printed at the local office and with a few start up snags the process was implemented amidst opposition; some citing it is tedious and sluggish.

During the last Cabinet meeting, there was an update from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Border Control, Clara Gardiner, who said the position regarding the issuance of emergency passports will be raised at the JMC.

Right now, because the passports are printed in the UK there is a waiting period in critical situations.

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