Local attorney expresses concern over proposal for change over National Park Ordinance

Providenciales, 24 Nov 2015 – Changes which will only benefit a few are a problem and this statement continues to be the theme for those protesting the proposed changes to the National Parks Ordinance.

Magnetic Media has gotten its hands on a letter written by a prominent local barrister who said while some of the changes are appropriate, others are detrimental and expose the precious environment to irreversible disasters.

The lady lawyer also says this situation opens the door to illegal land sales, I quote her now: “The removal of any area of National Park for private purposes is a travesty. Areas which are important for the flora and fauna of the country must be protected and not removed. It is even more extraordinary to justify the removal of any area as a result of unauthorised (at best) and corrupt (at worst) private sales of land. This compounds the illegality of the initial transactions.”

It is believed by this writer that the heritage of the country is at risk if all of the proposed changes are made.

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