Passport guidelines issued ahead of global E-Passport deadline

Providenciales, 27 Oct 2015 – Having passport photos of the incorrect size will cost delays in getting your Turks and Caicos passport back promptly from the UK; the warning from TCIG.

Guidelines were today issued by the Passport Office to ensure those applying, are indeed following the set standards. Among the no-no’s: funky backgrounds for your picture are out; it must be plain coloured and on plain white photographic paper. The photo has to be recent, no older than one month. Must be clear and in focus, so double check your prints from the photo shop and there cannot be any tears or creases and the size has to be 35mm by 45mm; not cut down from a larger photo.

There should be no marks unless your photograph is countersigned for a specified reason and there can be no airbrushing or any other computer software alterations.

The officials want to clearly see your full head and shoulders with no one else in the picture and your hair should be pulled away from your face. No shades, no glasses blocking your eyes, no head gear unless it is for medical or religious reasons…and no diva poses or puckers; a neutral expression is required. Many of the strict standards are in place now as the world moves toward e-passports.

The international deadline for having biometric or e-passports, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization is November 24, 2015.

To see the other specifications, check out the report at

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