Statement From MOFA New Email Address For Emergency Passport Applications And Requests

Nassau, The Bahamas
15 July 2015

We would like to update the public on our efforts to alleviate the challenges facing the Passport Office and the travelling public at this peak travel time.

In addition to the newly introduced fee for expedited applications after 1st July, 2015, as outlined in our announcement last weekend, a system has also been put in place. The new system affects applications that were previously submitted for persons who have travel plans prior to the collection dates indicated on the receipt they were given at the time of application; for those whose collection date has expired; and for those persons who have not received the passport and are in urgent need of the passport.

Applicants with verifiable emergency needs for their passports prior to the collection date provided or whose collection date has expired and the passport is still not ready, can now email this information, along with the details of the application (name, date of birth and application ID number) to MOFACUSTOMERSERVICE@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.

Dedicated staff has been assigned to process the emails, track the application and expedite the application to meet the date of travel or commitment requiring a passport AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Applicants will then be emailed a new collection date. This applies only to applications submitted up 9th July 2015.

For general information, receipts for all official fees related to applications for passports are issued at the time of payment. No officer is permitted to accept or solicit cash from the general public. The public should not pay any fee solicited other than those fees in the prescribed regulations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
15 July 2015

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