Potcake Dog is Hero on Four Legs

Providenciales, 14 Sept 2015 – It was Cocoa who became the native of a different kind to tip off Police and save the day when we needed to find a husband, father, brother, pastor, leader, uncle, confidant and friend.

A potcake with both innate skills and enhanced training which used his honing abilities to locate a man gone missing. This creamy coloured canine is a family friend, Magnetic Media is told, who took a whiff of Rev Dr Conrad Howell’s socks and tracked down his body.
Scores of well meaning homo sapiens turned out with well meaning intent, coffee infused vigor, a Jesus kind of faith in their hearts and driving and walking… but it was a critter commonly taken for granted whom many are calling HERO!

In our sorrow and shock, we celebrate the dog who got the job done!

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