House of Assembly Members meet til past midnight; Turks and Caicos Islander Bill passed

Providenciales, 16 Sept 2015 – Parliamentarians met until the wee hours of 1:30 this morning to discuss the controversial Turks and Caicos Islander Status Bill 2015; and they were back at it again this morning as debate pressed on.

Now the Turks and Caicos Islander Status Bill is passed. The bill was carried with just one obvious ‘nay’ from Blue Hills MP, Hon Goldray Ewing. All other Opposition Members did not record a vote.

All Government Members voted in favor of the bill. Also this morning, HOA members continued the debate on the Immigration Bill 2015.

Once again, the relevant standing orders have been suspended allowing parliament to sit beyond 6pm. It was planned that the Immigration Bill 2015 along with the Disaster Management Bill 2015 would head to the Committee stage this afternoon.

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