Fortis TCI Offers Free Energy Audits

Providenciales, 08 Sept 2015 – Today in the news, during the month of August Fortis, TCI initiated the In-Home Energy Audits where residential customers in Providenciales can apply for the new service which is being offered by the Company free of charge for one year, it is designed to assist customers in identifying ways to improve their energy efficiency at home.

To take advantage of the In-Home Energy Audit Program, customers must fill out an application, which is available at FortisTCI Customer Service Centre on Leeward Highway. The application and interview process allows for the collection of preliminary information, providing insight into what types of appliances are installed in the home, as well as typical day-to-day electricity usage.

Following the In-Home Energy Audit, a final report is issued to the customer. This report details the key findings and recommendations to achieve better energy efficiency. FortisTCI President and CEO Eddinton Powell says, the FortisTCI In-Home Energy Audit Program will help customers save money by promoting the efficient use of energy.

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