CEO goes on Maternity Leave; now Shorrell Dames is reporting

IMG_6015Providenciales, 04 Sept 2015 – CEO goes on maternity leave; now Shorrell Dames is reporting.

Baby break for Deandrea Hamilton begins officially on Monday September 7, 2015 as she prepares for a true life altering story.

“I am just grateful for the unparalleled love and support I have received. Its been overwhelming and reassuring. There is likely no bigger moment in a woman’s life and I thank everyone who has taken the time to take time to encourage me; the words and gifts and prayers and calls and ears and open hearts have touched me profoundly,” said Deandrea earlier today.

Mother and unborn child are in great health according to Hamilton who will check into hospital on Sunday; delivery is expected Monday.

“We almost did not get it done but at the final hour, Xcel Management Agency – Sports and Entertainment Consultants – connected us to Shorrell Dames.”

Dames is a dazzling talent out of Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama with strong family ties to the TCI.

Shorrell has spent the week co-anchoring News Break, which airs on Power 92 and Kiss FM in Provo and at Magnetic Media You Tube channel.

Originally a scientist, Dames has shown a knack and has a great support team at Magnetic Media and is excited about the new experience.

“It is hard to find strong talent so we count ourselves blessed as Shorrell caught on quickly. A very practical and committed young woman is Ms Dames and we believe she will do well as she captains the ship. We welcome her on board.”

You can email news to Shorrell Dames at

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