United Airlines brings full jet, 170 from Houston on first flight

Providenciales, 09 Jun 2015 – One hundred and seventy guests boarded that first United Airlines flight from Houston, Texas to not only fill it but to do so with families with great expectations of a Caribbean vacation as summer rolls in. Turks and Caicos had a delegation also on that inaugural flight Saturday including Minister of Tourism, Porsha Smith who described the in flight service and experience.

“This flight was like none other. I loved the décor of the liner that brought us in, United has a very good aircraft – they served complimentary drinks; I don’t know if they are going to be doing that once on the regular flight but on the inaugural flight they made sure we were well hydrated with drinks. Of course, they have a first class section and the staff on board was very friendly and I think the passengers overall were very happy and the three hours went by very quickly.”

The flight, met on Saturday afternoon by a water canon salute, will commute between Providenciales International Airport and Houston once weekly, on Saturdays.

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