Tourism Minister concerned on crime; promises greater commitment

Providenciales, 07 Aug 2015 – The Tourism Minister is concerned about what the recent violent crime spike can do to tourism, and the MP for The Bight offered the local gun club as a solution to trigger happy youngsters.

Hon Porsha Smith said it is vital the TCI make visitors feel safe and at home, and these recent incidents are damaging to the country’s enviable reputation.

In a post Cabinet press conference, the PNP Administration expressed themselves on a number of current issues. “This is not good for us as a country….all of these awards that we’ve won this year alone, it’s not good for us on that basis because our tourist have to feel like they’re at home or a home away from home when they come to visit us.”

The Minister offered condolences, pledged support to combatting crime and cited that the Hotel and Tourism Association and the Chamber of Commerce are actively involved in discouraging crime, especially against guests.

In the end, Minister Smith said the Turks and Caicos is still the best place in the world to visit.

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