Turquoise Morning shows Caribbean & US highlights of TCI Sales & Investment Blitz

Inside Junkanoo ClubProvidenciales, 09 Jun 2015 – And this week on Turquoise Morning 24 Caribbean countries, seven US Cities and our 12,000 online followers are enjoying our shows featuring the Premier’s North American Sales & Investment Blitz. So far we have showcased what happened when Team Turks and Caicos Islands landed in Atlanta, Georgia and our two stops in Texas – Houston & Dallas. If you want to watch online anytime, subscribe to Magnetic Media TV on YouTube or follow us on your favorite social media… our next show features Chicago and to commemorate the late Right Excellent JAGS, takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the Junkanoo Club in Grand Turk; our cameras are said to be the first inside the historic site possibly ever… but definitely in recent history. Got to… see it all for yourself.

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