TCI Motorcade remembers National Hero & National Pride

imageProvidenciales, 26 May 2015 – Growing bigger and boasting some brand name public figures including the country’s Premier and Finance Minister and Opposition Leader; there was a National Heroes Day motorcade of impressive proportions rolling throughout Provo on the holiday yesterday. The brilliant flag of the islands decorating vehicles and photos of the country’s lone national hero, the Most Excellent JAGS plastered over t-shirts and other paraphernalia was evidence of a celebration of home grown national pride.

The indigenous people of the TCI are these days more bent on not being outdone by the wave of other cultures which celebrate boldly on their national holidays within the territory. Recently published comments by Hon Washington Misick drew a variety of opinions; Misick expressing that he believes the brazen demonstrations of other cultures should be left to the home countries of the various ethnic groups. Turks and Caicos Islanders, according to a recently presented Country Poverty Assessment survey by the CDB is outnumbered by the expatriate community.

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