Provo now No. 4 Island; Minister comments

An investigation has been activated by the Tourism Minister, Porsha Smith into why Providenciales has fallen from being the No. 1 island in the world according to TripAdvisor to now being No. 4.

“Well I mean i’m human and it will cause me to ask the question why, and of course it will spike and investigation as to ensure that we are doing everything in our best efforts.”

Minister Smith is not expressing any anxiety about the drop by three spots though, she told Magnetic Media that the 2016 position for Provo is not worrying her.

“Whilst I don’t believe that our product has lost any of its flavor, I just feel that another three countries have viewed our best practices, and i’m gonna say viewed our best practices and they said we are gonna fight to get number one. I still believe that we are number one, I still as a Minister would like to encourage.”

Magnetic Media pressed her on whether she feels it is harassment or poor service or unclean environment or the cost of the destination which has impacted the standing of Provo.

“The persons working in the tourism and hospitality industry to continue with their best efforts because i think that they are our best resource for us in this country because they keep the market going.”

At No. 1 is Maui, Hawaii; Santorini, Greece is No. 2; Jamaica jumps to No. 3 on the Best Island in the World list and rounding out the top five is Bali, in Indonesia.

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