Provo home owner launches social media hunt for robbers

Social media was this weekend used by a homeowner to launch an assertive suspect hunt; the person was a victim of robbery around 12:30am Saturday in a residential area behind Sunshine Nursery called, Garden Loop. 
While it is not the first time islanders have seen surveillance photos or videos from a crime in progress, it has been a long time for these brazen moving images to surface and most rare is that the thief appears to be Caucasian or white.   
For two minutes, it is an eerie front row seat to the burglary; the thief is with his head covered and seen waltzing through the residence, searching for valuables which are one by one, apparently being stuffed into the front of the suspects clothing and into a backpack.  While his face is not covered, his head is and sufficiently enough that this crook may be unrecognizable except for some very distinguishing markers on his body. 
In fact, the homeowner asked Magnetic Media to ask those viewing the video to observe the tattoos on the burglar.  Police confirmed the crime to us on Saturday night.  If you can assist, you know what to do… call Crime stoppers at 1-800-TIPS, that’s 1-800-8477. 

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