Special forensics for remains found in Grand Turk; Smith still missing

Providenciales, 22 Apr 2015 – It has been five days now since human remains were found in Grand Turk; and while the condition of the body was not described by the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force… the fact that special forensics will be employed before an identification is issued is very telling. During that recent police press conference it was confirmed that special forensics and perhaps outside expertise might be used in the case. Police are very reluctant to share any details, saying it would jeopardize their investigation. It was confirmed by lead investigator, Deputy Commissioner Rodney Adams that there are potential suspects and that his officers are monitoring the movements of potentials. A $2,000 Crime Stoppers tip reward is being offered for solid information in the matter. The cause of death tests will begin this week with results taking possibly as much as a week. Twenty-five year old Kevino Smith remains missing.

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