Patty Smith dreading holidays, says ‘Bah’ killers still out there

Providenciales, 15 Dec 2015 – Day after day after day, Patty Smith takes to social media to make sure the heartbreak she feels over the tragic loss of her son does not go forgotten.

Residents continue to offer the mother of 25 year old Kevino ‘Bah’ Smith words of advice, comfort and support as she not only claims she has to bear with the murder of her son, but the fact that his alleged killers are living so nearby in Grand Turk, preparing to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Smith was reported missing by family on March 4th… on April 16th after a second and more thorough search of Grand Turk, remains were found and two months later on June 23rd, those remains were confirmed as the young man by the Governor Peter Beckingham.

On July 29rd Police gave another confirmation that the remains found in April were indeed Kevino Smith. Five months since then, and the family has seen no arrests says Patty Smith and has not received the body of their son for burial.

Smith, on Facebook on Monday is again calling for the Governor, who heads national security, to do something.

This plea comes as Police are confirmed as being deployed out of Grand Turk to assist with a crime spike in Provo.

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