PDM says Governor, not Health Ministry to get Motion to Investigate Hospitals Contract

PDM logoProvidenciales, 16 Mar 2015 – The People’s Democratic Movement says the Ministry of Health was not supposed to receive the Motion passed in the House of Assembly over six weeks ago, which calls for an investigation into the TCI Hospitals; but according to the HOA, they have. In a media release, the Opposition Party explains that too often motions passed in the House never get any further than parliament floor. IN this case, the PDM says it is ‘upset’ by the fact that the very serious motion which received wide support in the House of Assembly from both sides of the aisle has yet to make it to the Governor’s Office. It is outlined that: The Motion carried by a majority contained a Resolution that stated that “this Honorable House recommends to the Governor that a thorough investigation be carried out into the pre operating costs including but not limited to the construction costs and the operation of this contract.”

The PDM leader, Hon Sharlene Robinson says this has been going on now for two years where important issues are seemingly discarded and not carried on for action and accountability. Among the motions the PDM says has failed to gain momentum are a call for biometrics and surveillance tools to help fight crime; the development of a national plan; the expansion of protective business categories for Turks & Caicos Islanders and a motion to see enhancement of lobster and conch reproduction. The motion to investigate the hospitals was passed on February 27, 2015.

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