National Health Plan will take self-employed to court for non-payment

Providenciales, 12 Feb 2015 – The National Health Insurance Plan is prepared to take delinquent employers to court for non-payment of the health care tax on salaries; adding that it is an expensive process the NHIP wants to avoid. The report is carried in the TCI Sun Newspaper and reveals that the biggest offenders according to CEO, Zanita Burton are the self-employed. Burton explained that her office is still working with companies by making direct contact to see what can be done to collect on arrears; I quote her from the article: “…in those cases we are currently reviewing and making contact with those individuals to see if they would come in and regularize their accounts.

If not, we will begin the process to move to the next step as outlined in our ordinance for recovery of those funds that is owing to NHIP.” Burton said during the amnesty, there was around 75% compliance by the self-employed sector; she said it is high for the region but still lower than the NHIP expectation. Mrs. Burton explained that the individuals who did not comply during the three-month amnesty, which began in August 2014 and ended at the end of October 2014, are subject to pay the original 10 percent penalty; those companies will also not be able to benefit from a Parliamentary change of the penalty rate which is now at three and not ten percent.

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