Providenciales, 11 Dec 2014 – Raucous it seems at the Prison in Grand Turk when an inmate being treated goes wild and hurts several of the prison officers. That, Her Majesty’s Prison officer was struck in the eye; so badly was the injury that the man was rushed to the hospital in Grand Turk and has now been recommended for further treatment abroad; after being transported to Provo’s Cheshire Hall hospital.

A late day press release from TCIG about the incident on Tuesday confirmed that the Prison Superintendent Ian Sergeant is investigating what went wrong when some of the prison officers tried to administer the medication of an inmate, when that inmate reportedly lashed out seriously injuring at least one officer who had to be taken to hospital. The TCI Hospital yesterday explained that : An HMP officer was transferred to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre from the Cockburn Town Medical centre… because of a history of trauma to the eye.

He was assessed, relevant investigations performed and upon review was referred to NHIP for emergent overseas care as the injury was deemed to be of a serious nature and required further intervention not presently available in TCI.” Other HMP Officers were treated for minor abrasions.

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