No Surprise; Skippings rejected working with PDM

ProvidenciaLES, 28 Jan 2015 – The People’s Democratic Movement says it is not surprised by the announcement of former leader and former Chief Minister, Oswald Skippings to re-enter frontline politics under a new political banner. The Party’s leader explained Mr. Skippings was welcomed to continue to play at role in the affairs of the party; but did not do that. The PDM issued a statement today. Skippings, who failed in his bid as an all island candidate in the 2012 General Election said he has a cadre of people who believe they are a better band of representatives for the people.

Sharlene Robinson, leader of the Opposition said: In the case of Pastor Skippings, he was further invited to serve in a special advisory role. However, in his case, he has not availed himself of these opportunities. Following public statements and in a direct statement, he has made it clear that he is no longer with the Party. Therefore we are not surprised that he has announced this new venture.” The PDM says its focus is on representing and preparing to become the next Government.

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