Premier Talks tough on Clement Howell High Condition

Providenciales, 30 Sept 2014 – The Premier talking tough last week about the conditions at Clement Howell High School; the country’s leader who was obviously not aware of the dilapidated state of some parts of the campus got an up close look when he participated in a clean-up day during National Youth Week. He said: “The buildings… cannot inspire or foster any positive outcomes when our people, our children, our future are left to meet mold and rust and broken desks, windows and chairs day after day.” It echoed the sentiments of many residents.

Hon Dr Rufus Ewing calling on Government Support Services and UK Advisor Norman Watts, to step up to the plate and get the school in better shape… quick to clarify that his critique should not be interpreted as disappointment in his Minister but as a call for the grounds to be improved for the over 1,000 first through fifth formers. Not all the country’s leader was on about in a media release yesterday… announcing that he stands with his Government Support Services minister, Hon George Lightbourne who last week may have gotten himself into some hot water when he disputed the salary of Norman Watts, who is paid around $100,000 per year.

Lightbourne and others believe Watts’ time with government is up and the money for his salary would be better used elsewhere. The Governor, His Excellency Peter Beckingham issued statement to say the Minister and House of Assembly Members are not allowed to give direction on who works in TCIG, that that is his job as head of the public sector. The Premier making it clear though, that “ While the Public Service Ordinance governs Ministerial involvement in appointments to the Public Service, prudence dictates that in matters of significant financial implications such as this, that there be collaboration … such decision is also a matter of policy and the views of the Minister should have been taken into consideration instead of being simply ignored.”

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