Outgoing Chief Justice Handed Down Ruling of a Controversial Case

Providenciales, 30 Sept 2014 – Before demitting office, the outgoing Chief Justice handed down a ruling in a controversial case… and now McCallister Hanchell, the former government minister for land, is commanded to pay up. Yesterday, Magnetic Media learned that Akita Holdings lost this second round with the Attorney General’s Chambers when former chief justice Edwin Goldsborough ruled that Hanchell and his brother got the land for Akita Holdings Ltd way below value, knowingly trying to dupe the government of monies owed.

Akita Holdings was ordered to not only pay the balance on the land’s current value, but to pay back rent at around $2,500 and to pay the government’s legal fees for the civil recovery case. That’s nearly 70% for the property, which is now home to their Caicos Oil company.

But Hanchell vows to appeal the decision… reminding that with Ariel Missick of Missick and Stanbrook as his attorney, they won the claims case in the Supreme Court already; that this victory for the AG comes on appeal. McAllister Hanchell, aka as Piper believes this retrial was a waste of public funds, that the AG appeared lost in her presentation and explained that he too plans to appeal.

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