Cabinet releases funds for Zika prevention; little less than previous announcement

Providenciales, 08 Feb 2016 – When Cabinet met, there was approval for money to combat the Zika Virus reports the Governor’s Office; the funds are however slightly less than the Premier’s Friday report of $328,000 plus thousand dollars… Chairman of Cabinet, His Excellency Peter Beckingham is reporting the contingency fund will give $291,000 to effort; a difference between the two of $37,000.

Also from the Cabinet, a report on the 12 storey public consultation was done and there was notice that there has been approval to increase how many taxis are operating in TCI. The quota will go from 175 to 195 and in the number of VIP vehicles the increase will jump by five on Provo.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication, which is led by Hon George Lightbourne is now instructed to produce a draft national transportation strategy.

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