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TCI’s most heinous killer at HMP Belmarsh in London, but he wants to come home

#TurksandCaicos, May 17, 2021 – He is shacked up with some of Britain’s most notorious terrorists and heinous killers at HMP Belmarsh in South East London. On May 12, it marked four months since Chris Forbes, TCIs most vicious murder convict was transferred from HMP in Grand Turk to a high security Category A prison in the United Kingdom.
Magnetic Media has learned that Forbes, 35 years old at the time of the transfer, now calls Belmarsh home.

The facility which has capacity for 910 people is for males only and was opened in 1991. Christopher Forbes was on January 12, in a surprise extraction, escorted out of HMP, to the airport and on a specially chartered flight that ended with him landing in London where he would complete his sentence after a double murder conviction held up on appeal.

Belmarsh is known for its infamous tenants according to a post at news shopper online – one who ran over a British soldier with a car, then hacked him to death with a meat clever; a jihadi man, convicted of being the mastermind behind the suicide bombing which killed 22 people attending the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester arena in 2017 and Julian Assange, who is accused of publishing classified documents.

The prison, located in southeast London is where terrorists or high profile suspects are held, and that is where Christopher Forbes was carted off to and is trying to get out of.

Forbes is working on an attorney. He believes it is not right for him to be at the facility. Government at the time said the reason for his move was to stabilize the prison which struggled under the weight of several riotous and instigating inmates.

Christopher Forbes, formerly of Grand Bahama in The Bahamas was convicted of the serial murders of two Dominican Woman in 2016 – Sorineida Moreno Arias and Yuneiry Veras – both were found sexually assaulted, bludgeoned and left dead in bushes in remote areas of northwest Providenciales. The women were found by search parties, organized by the Dominican Community, which had accused the TCI Police of nonchalance and slow response when the 26-year-olds went missing. One woman was killed in April, the other in July.

TCI Police, in July 2016 arrested Forbes who was convicted of the double murders in 2019 and was in 2020 sentenced to two 30-year life imprisonments without parole. The inmate was troublesome; having gone live to Facebook a few times, drinking what appeared to be liquor, smoking what appeared to be weed and certainly expressing that he was having a party in prison, as two families mourned. Children were left without their mothers.

Forbes managed to have a big screen television and even threw some sort of missile at the prison superintendent. The object went through the window and into the former superintendents head; clobbering him – we are told there was a lot of blood at the scene as the prison chief was rushed to hospital. The prison superintendent did not renew his contract with Turks and Caicos and Forbes was deemed a danger to the officers and the wider prison population.

Despite, local attorneys argued that the tactic of a shock-shift of Christopher Forbes out of HMP Grand Turk and to another country was illegitimate. Meanwhile, Belmarsh’s amenities include a support group for foreign national prisoners; a few gyms; sport and offers education through workshops, which could be a good outlet for Forbes who was a skilled carpenter.

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