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FULL LIST of 38 of NOMINEES in 2021 General Elections; includes one from PDA

#TurksandCaicos, February 2, 2021 – There are 38 people running in the upcoming General Election according to the official list made public overnight by the Elections Office. 

On the list is one person per political party in the ten districts and 18 people are going after the five at large seats in the House of Assembly; including a lone candidate from the PDA, which in the 2016 national poll contest all seats.  

On Monday, the Elections Supervisor, Dudley Lewis released this statement:  “The thirty-eight (38) nominees including eighteen (18) “All Island” Independent candidates were duly nominated on Friday, January 29, 2021, according to the legal requirements, and the list of nominees published.

The declarations submitted to the Supervisor has now been published and the list available for viewing on the government website

Under Section 50(2) of the Constitution, the Supervisor is required to publish the declarations to allow for public scrutiny.

The Constitution also make provision for members of the public and the Attorney General to challenge any of the nominated individuals regarding their eligibility.”

Here are the individuals who successfully nominated on Friday January 29:

ED1 Grand Turk North:  Otis Chuck Morris, PNP and Temard Rudardo Butterfield, PDM.

ED2 Grand Turk South: Edwin Astwood, PDM Incumbent and Leshun Sebastian Missick, PNP.

ED 3 South Caicos:  John Jamael Malcolm, PNP (incumbent seat) and Patrease Thomas, PDM.

ED 4 Middle and North Caicos:  Ralph Lewis Higgs, PDM incumbent and Arlington Alexander Musgrove, PNP,

ED5 Leeward:  Gertrude Forbes, PDM and Akierra Missick, PNP incumbent.

ED 6 The Bight:  Matthew Timothy Stubbs, PNP (incumbent seat) and Audric Skippings, PDM.

ED7 Richmond Hill & Cheshire Hall:  Douglas Parnell, PDM incumbent and Samuel Ernest Been, PNP.

ED 8 Blue Hills:  Randy Dexter Howell, PNP and Goldray Ewing, PDM incumbent.

ED 9 Five Cays:  Sean R. Astwood, PDM incumbent and Rachel Marshall Taylor, PNP.

ED 10 Wheeland:  Kyle Knowles, PNP and Vaden Delroy Williams, PDM incumbent. 

For the five All Island seats: there are five from the PDM:  Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, incumbent; Hugh Derek Taylor, incumbent; Karen Evadne Malcolm, incumbent; Robert A. Been and Maxovonno Thomas.

There are five nominees from the PNP:  Charles Washington Misick, incumbent; Jamell Rayan Robinson; Erwin Jay Saunders; Josephine Olivia Connolly, incumbent and Shaun David Malcolm.

There are seven independent candidates:  George Lightbourne; Jermain Richardson Fulford; Lekensay K.D. Missick; Lucky Shemock Forbes; Jacqueline Almartha Lightbourne and Courtney Mancur Missick; Alicia Kaye Swann.

And representing the People’s Democratic Alliance, (PDA) Winston McLaughlin.

Retiring from frontline politics are Ruth Blackman in South Caicos and Porsha Smith in The Bight; both from the Progressive National Party. 

Among the independents in the race are firebrand preacher from North Caicos, Courtney Missick; PNP defector, George Lightbourne who goes from Grand Turk North to All Island and Jermain Fulford, originally from Grand Turk who is running at large. 

The 47 year old, well known as an IT professional said he was inspired to seek office due to the tone deaf representation of both political parties. 

He said:  “There are basic things Turks and Caicos people are asking for but the parties don’t see it as a priority… if elected, my goal is to do whatever the people of the TCI say.”

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