PDM Dep calls for resignations of PNP Candidate board members

Providenciales, TCI, October 19, 2016 – PDM Deputy Leader, Sean Astwood says it is high time for Sheba Wilson, Arthur Lightbourne and Mark Fulford to resign from the government board appointments they hold. 
While Mark Fulford, the PNPs candidate for North and Middle Caicos has already announced that he was stepping down from the National Health Insurance Board as its chairman since the end of September and following a controversial staff sit out; Sheba Wilson, an at large candidate for the PNP remains on as the Immigration Board Chair for Providenciales and Arthur Lightbourne, the PNPs candidate for Grand Turk South remains the Chair of the Immigration Board for Grand Turk. 
The Member for Five Cays said, in his media statement issued Wednesday, The moment Arthur Lighbourne, Sheba Wilson  and Mark Fulford were named as candidates for the  PNP, they should have resigned as Chairman of these Boards.  By not doing so I am afraid that they have already caused the public to call into question their judgment and integrity.
Hon Sean Astwood drew attention to the often fierce feelings on matters related to immigration, labour and health in the country, explaining the need for them to be managed neutrally.  In terms of Immigration and Labour, our people continue to feel marginalized as they see work permits consistently being issued for positions that can be filled locally.”
Astwood continued with, “Our Health Care system is in shambles, with many persons feeling that their health concerns are taken lightly.  We have all heard the horror stories.  In this environment, the roles of the Immigration Boards and NHIP Board are critical.”   Astwood said these key and influential positions should not be politicized and believes the candidacy of the three PNPs, automatically damages, even the perception of impartiality or fairness. 
 Magnetic Media has asked both Wilson and Lightbourne for comment; we give Sheba Wilson’s reaction to the call for her resignation in a separate report.  Mark Fulford had issued notice since September; we will also share those comments in a news report.

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