PDM promises to rescind new Immigration & Status laws

The PDM says if the electorate puts the Peoples Democratic Movement in the governance seat, then they will rescind and revamp the newly passed and instituted Immigration and TCI Status Laws.

Dwayne Taylor is the PDM’s Campaign Manager who today resists statements by the Minister of Border Control that point to him being concerned about the well being of the indigenous islander.

Magnetic Media spoke to Taylor today who said Minister Donhue Gardiner continues to dodge questions on the hot button issue.

“Obviously he’s avoiding the question, and when I saw even the press statement that he brought out, about him having a meeting with the Haitian counsel here in Turks and Caicos, and the measures they’re putting forth in trying to deal with boarder control, I think that not only is it counter productive, I think it’s ultra-vires.”

It has been put to Magnetic Media before; concern that child born in the Turks and Caicos to women with legal status, can then claim citizenship. The problem with this provision is that legal status, to many, means even work permit holders. Taylor said there are even items in the Constitution which concern the PDM.

“Ah, also in the constitution you have where, after, I think it’s after five to ten years, that British overseas territory citizens living in Turks and Caicos, they can get citizenship. That should never be.” The Opposition party is not in agreement with the Governor of the territory having a say in who becomes a citizen.

“And the governor is who appoints the chair, now that should never happen. When it comes to any citizenship in any country, the only person who suppose to be dealing with that are the citizens of that country, not the natives, not the residents, the citizens of that country. Citizenship is not a right, it’s a privilege, and so nobody, it happens no where in the world.”

The new legislation allows a five person panel to be assembled; two from each of the major political parties and one seat for the Governor. Add to this, Dwayne Taylor, who is a former parliamentarian explained that over 200 changes were made to the law during House of Assembly debate on the bills; he called it unprecedented and says the litany of changes are the result of the ordinance lacking true consultation and because the drafts were rushed.

“Imagine that, over two hundred, that is so unprecedented in any, uh, legislative counsel, House of Assembly for a government of the day, to bring a piece of legislation to the house and all of those amendments, that speaks volumes, that tells you that is not a piece of legislation that is not indicative of the people’s wishes in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

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