Amendments will mean less time at polls, next TCI General Election

Providenciales, 05 Feb 2016 – When the next General Elections are held, the process will be faster and more confidential; this according to the Elections Supervisor, Dudley Lewis who yesterday told Magnetic Media, that is the need for the passage of the Elections Amendment Bill 2015 in the House of Assembly.

Lewis said, as he did with the By-Election, the 2016/2017 General Elections will have more agents in each polling station and there will be more polling stations.

Lewis added that a recommendation by the Observer group during the November 2012 run-off was to not compromise the secrecy of the ballot paper.

So when voters make their selections in the next election, they will no longer have to show the Presiding Officer the ballot paper after they have voted; one will now just drop the ballot in the box.

There are other amendments to come for the ordinance this year, including a color change for the Elections Office team. No more green ballot boxes, no more green poll worker aprons and no more green at large candidate polling papers. The newest political party, the PDA, has made this change necessary and while Lewis was not ready to say what the new colour will be, he did say by law it can now not be green.

Once the change in colour for the elections office happens, no other political group will be able to claim that color for their organization.

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