New Prison Supt & Officer of the Year Awarded

Providenciales, 11 Feb 2016 – A new prison Superintendant was introduced when the officers gathered for the 4th Annual Prison Officer of the Year Award, which was attended by His Excellency, Governor Peter Beckingham.

Steve Barrett hails from the United Kingdom and according to H.E., comes with vast experience, “including working with the rehabilitation of young offenders – a subject of great importance for TCI – and training prison officers. We are fortunate to have such an experienced and well qualified Superintendent join us.”

A $500 cash prize and medal was presented to Daniel Andrews, named the officer of the year for yeomen service. Also hailed for his outstanding performance was Acting Superintendant, Raymond Grant who held the fort, so to speak, at Her Majesty’s prison for the past two years.

The Governor said about Grant, “Ray Grant has kept the show on the road, often in the face of difficult resource issues, and I would like to record my gratitude to him for all his hard work and dedication, while at the same time welcoming the new Superintendent.”

Superintendent Steve Barrett takes up office at the prison this month.

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