CSA awakens with elections announced

Providenciales, 29 Feb 2016 – The Civil Servants Association has awakened from a deep slumber; one that lasted nearly four years and the organization gets up and out with a bang.

Election of new officers for the CSA is announced and March 1st will see those interested in heading the group which represents all government workers, offer as candidates.

And it appears this will be an interesting race for the top posts. Government last week announced that: Nomination Day is this Tuesday; that on March 4th those nominees will be reveled and by March 23rd, there will be an election.

The President and Vice president posts will be revealed on April 1st; ironically that is April Fool’s Day but it also one month from the start of the CSA election process.

Many see the CSA as a launch pad to national political office, especially after Premier Rufus Ewing went from its President to being Premier of the TCI.

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